Essential Oil and Soywax Cannabis Candle

Let Your Soul Shine, Cannabis Candle

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our signature soy candle


When we made our signature soy candle, we new we only wanted to use pure essential oils and no artificial fragrances. We also wanted to create something that was healing, beautiful and reusable.


The scent had to smell fresh, rich, and luxurious. Most importantly the essence of the aromatic oils needed to evoke a senses of calm while raising your vibration. Before we did anything, we started with our formulation.


Each oil was chosen for their healing properties and they include:

• Cannabis Essential oil to calm

• Palo Santos to clear unwanted energies

• Holy Basil to purify the air, Cardamom to refresh the mind

• Cedarwood to slow the breath

• Ylang Ylang to comfort the body

• Bergamot to alleviate stress

We also include a few more oils that have deep, rich aromas and are often considered aphrodisiacs, like Black Pepper and Dark Patchouli .


Aromatic oils have been known to have a positive effect on your spirit and psyche by working in concert with the Limbic system. That’s because minuscule essential oil molecules are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs when inhaled.


Essential Oil Candles promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, stress and induce quality sleep. Plus, the flicker of the flame provides an ambience of relaxation and calm.

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This sweet herbaceous and voluptuous blend is woodsy, sultry and warming. It has a rich, deep, earthy and somewhat spicy aroma with a fresh top note and a touch of floral undertones.



When the candle is empty simply wipe clean. The beautiful cut glass vessel is perfect for storing your small treasures or using it as a stash jar to keep your favorite flower fresh!

Additional information

Weight 19.5 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 3 in

2 reviews for Let Your Soul Shine, Cannabis Candle

  1. Katie

    The best smelling candles I have tried in a long time! I love how clean they burn and am so thankful they are made with only essential oils!

  2. Meryl

    SEXIEST CANDLE I’VE OWNED!!! I get so many compliments on the aroma and how beautiful it looks on desk.

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