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Mush Bliss Elixir

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Welcome in joy & happiness

Key Ingredients: Reishi, Lions Mane, Full Spectrum Extract

Cooling herbs to keep you mellow & focused.

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Our Mush Bliss Elixir was formulated to bestow joy & happiness, and to support you with cooling botanical allies and functional mushrooms that inspire a mellow and focused state of mind. Created with adaptogenic, heart loving ingredients that cater to the digestive and nervous system. Mush Bliss is the perfect calming elixir for daily use. 

cool & collected

• Skullcap~ A relaxing botanical to inspire calm, and ease stress and muscle tensions.*
• Motherwort~ A calming botanical to support the nervous system. May be useful for hot flashes, cramps, nervous irritability, and stress.*
• Hawthorne~ May help to improve cardiac function, digestion and reduce stress.*
• Lemon Balm~ Traditionally been used to improve mood and cognitive function. Known for soothing cramps and regulating hormones.*
• Reishi~ An antioxidant and adaptogenic that has been shown to have immune enhancing effects. May also help to relax the muscles, aid in heart function, and improve sleep. Dual extracted*
• Lion's Mane~ Traditionally been used to improve mood and cognitive function. Known for soothing cramps and regulating hormones. Dual extracted*
• Full Spectrum Extract~ A whole-plant extract to boost Endocannabinoid system health, a complex system of cell receptors throughout the body that can promote good mood and a healthy stress response.
• Blue Agave~ Raw agave nectar*

*Certified Organic • Vegan • Approximately 17mg of Full Spectrum Extract per serving.

RITUAL: Shake well. Use in your smoothies, drinks or just drop under the tongue and hold for 15-30 seconds.

TRY SOMETHING: Pair the Mush Bliss Elixir with our Armonía Cacao Hemp Tea for a morning ritual to create balance, focus and ease.

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*Skullcap Extract, *Motherwart
Extract, *Hawthorne Extract, *Lemon Balm Extract, *+500 Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, *Dual Reishi Extract, *Dual Lions Mane Extract, *Blue Agave, *Cane Alcohol

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.