Honor your own rhythm with these self-care rituals.

Honor your own rhythm with these self-care rituals.

Honor your own rhythm with these self-care rituals.

February 1st marks half way between winter solstice and the spring equinox. It is known as Imbolc. This is a time to get in tune with the natural rhythm of the seasons and the land around you. To nourish yourself with intention and compassion as we step into the season of new beginnings.

There are seeds growing beneath the surface in the winter, waiting for their moment to sprout. Though the earth may appear dormant, a stirring beneath the ground has begun. Soon, we will welcome new flora, fauna, and also maybe take action on the seeds we planted early this year. New ideas, projects, creativity, and even confidence.

Self-care through physical nourishment, reflection, and fostering the light within can give you clarity and help you to feel grounded.

Take some time to physically nourish your skin. Soaking in a warm bath or even just soaking your hands and feet in warm water with salts and oils will feel amazing.

Physical nourishment isn’t just for our physical self-care. Nourishing our bodies is a powerful form of emotional, mental, and spiritual self-care.

Our skin can become dry and cracked in the cold, winter months. Indulge in a CBD bath bomb created to soothe and nourish your skin with healing salts, clays, and oils. The Love Note Bath Bomb is a favorite this time of year and made with a luscious blend of energetically heart-centered botanicals for a sensuous soak of self-care love.

Reflection is an essential component of self-care.

This is also an opportunity to reflect back on your earlier intentions and integrate the lessons and reflections that may have come through.

The fall and winter months are the most intuitive time of the year. When we go within we open up to receiving wisdom and guidance from our intuition, our higher selves, our spirit guides, or our ancestors.

It can be very powerful to practice a 4-6 month reflection on a regular basis and especially during this time. Before we emerge from the dark, intuitive moments of winter into the bright, fresh energy of the spring.

Grounding herbs, like hops, chamomile, lavender, and hemp can put you in a mellow state to practice reflection and silence. Our Empress Tea was made to balance energy and embody strength and stability. Drink a cup while mediating on your intentions.

Foster Your Inner Light

The glow of a candle in the darkness symbolizes two important parts of the Imbolc season. First, the promise that the sun is slowly returning to its strength, and also the candlelight represents the spark of fertile, creative energy.

Lighting candles around your home is a beautiful way to symbolize the return of the natural world around us, and the light within us. Whether you light a single candle and meditate on its quiet flame, or fill your bathroom with candles for a luscious ritual bath— know that the light you bring to the darkness will light your own way toward inspiration and truth.

When we created our Soulshine Essential Oil Candle we were intentional with it’s purpose of clearing energies. Each plant-based botanical was chosen to invoke a sense of calm. It’s a perfect ritual candle to invite the light in.

Find and honor your own rhythm with the intention of self-reflection and self-care. Listen and connect with the land around you, to connect with yourself.


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