Have You Ever Heard Of A Bed Date?

Have You Ever Heard Of A Bed Date?

Bed Dating is about communicating with your partner through touch, energy, and intimacy.

It's a way to schedule quality time together, and it's a fun too! Don't have a partner, no problem, make a date with yourself, I mean why not?!!

Bed dating can be as simple as snuggling, massaging one another, having sex with the lights on, or just laying around to talk… but it has to be in bed! It can be on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon, or whenever! Bed dating doesn't have to be on a specific timeline, so be flexible and maybe a little spontaneous.

There are a few things you can do to make your bed date even more special. Setting the mood is a big part of it. From wearing something sexy to getting your body ready for intimacy. So grab those silky PJ's and get started. Here are a few things to plan for a great bed date!

Get your body ready to be noticed and touched.

Theres nothing like a good bed date after a long soak in the tub, especially with our sensual Bath Bomb, Love Note. It’s bursting with 100mg of full spectrum extract, luscious clays, and aphrodisiac oils like Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Amber & Sandalwood. Your body will feel so soft and the smell will surely allure your partner!

After your bath try anointing each other with intimate touch. Use our Face & Body Serum to arouse your senses and caress each other. Our special blend of rich unrefined oils penetrates deeply with a gender neutral scent that’s soft & earthy. Your body will feel good and your bedroom will smell amazing!

The Planning

When you're planning for your bed date try to plan for the art of communication first. Jumping in bed to have a quicky is not bed dating. Instead think about how you can use your bedroom as a haven. Think about the experience and enjoying a really nice intimate night with conversation, light a good sensual candle, maybe do a little bit of journaling, play some games, and even eat dinner in bed. Hopefully you'll in end up with good conversations and a good time!

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