Conscious Check-in

Conscious Check-in

Taking time to regularly check in with yourself can be really beneficial to your personal self-care. It’s a simple gift and a reminder that you don’t have to live on autopilot. That you can easily stop and take one moment for yourself.

Here’s what you do✨

Set your phone to alarm everyday, at the same time. Each day my alarm goes off at 2:22 with a beautiful bell ringing. I used my birthdate because it’s such a magical number, you can use any number you have a connection to. For 1 minute each day, check in with yourself. You don’t have to have an agenda.

Conscious check-in with gratitude

One thing I like to do is to take the time to list three things I am thankful for that day, in that moment. This is a nice and simple daily ritual where you can call on the magic of gratitude. Living with gratitude on a daily basis can help your brain change the way you process the world. Maintaining a sense of gratitude (especially during stressful times when it doesn't feel as if there is much to be grateful for) is the easiest way to change your mood. ~ The Spirit Almanac

Often times I am busy in the moment, but I just close my eyes and listen to how my heart feels. I notice what’s going through my brain. I breathe and acknowledge the space I’m in.

Sometimes there’s people around me, many I’ve never met before, and I still stop in conversation, to let them know I need to take 1 minute for my conscious check-in. I mean the bells are ringing people! And do you know what? So far each person has joined in, it’s been magical to see what transpires in that shared moment. Maybe they walk away feeling happy, maybe they walk away thinking I’m a little weird (obviously) but so far they have all told me that they enjoyed the moment. Of course I don’t do it for them, I do it for myself, and they just get to experience it with me.

Essential Oil Inhaler Ritual

Conscious check-in with breath-work

You can also use the conscious check-in to do a 1 minute breathing exercise for change. I like to use our Calm Inhaler for this exercise, keep it at your desk or in your purse so you have it close by. At the beginning take a deep inhalation through your nose with your inhaler, and release your breath through your mouth with a big sigh. Do this for a series of 4 breaths. As you release your breath think of something in your life that you would like to let go, something that no longer serves you. Take a few more quiet breaths (without the inhaler) and check in with your body.

A Conscious check-in can also include crystals, burning incense or a candle, or using a smudge. Just remember this is just a 1 minute exercise, so don't stress about having anything at all. Just take that precious moment for yourself and be. You deserve this time, even if it's just for one moment.

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