The Power of Flower Essences

The Power of Flower Essences

Working with their Subtle Energies—

Subtle energies are all around us, yet we’re often so caught up in the whirlwind of life they become difficult to notice. As Spring energy slowly rises from the roots of trees and plants, we start to smell their gentle aromas on the wind and sense their presence around us. In this post, we’ll explore the nature of flower essences and discuss the powerful and profound energetic shift that can arise when working with these influential blooms.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are water-based herbal extracts that are crafted with flower blossoms. When fresh flower blossoms are placed in water and steeped in the sun, their energetic patterns imprint in the water. These extracts work with the body’s energy and support its ability to realign and balance itself.

We find that flower essences often remind us of the element air. They are subtle, almost imperceivable; however, if we take the time to slow down, be in the present moment, and draw awareness to the energy within or around us, we start to pick up on delicate cues. As the trees begin to bloom and the ground continues to thaw, the air is filled with potent aromas that are sometimes overlooked when we’re hustling around.

Breathing deeply into our sensations and using intentional awareness may lead to discovery and recognition.

Benefits of Flower Essence Energy

Research shows that humans give off strong electromagnetic energy that is often reflective of the mental or emotional state someone is in. For example, the heart exudes an energetic field that reaches 3 feet away from the body in all directions! Tapping into this energy can be done through intuition or sensation.

Implementing flower essence therapy can be highly effective and dynamic, depending on the person's current emotional state. When using flower essences, the energy from the flowers harmonizes with the vibrational energies of the human energy field, gently guiding and supporting misalignments back into balance. They’re often used when a person is managing sensations of depression, guilt, fear, anxiety, impatience, irritability, and shock.

Dr. Bach, the homeopath responsible for developing the theory of flower essences, suggests that flower essences help us to help ourselves.

Flower essences can work with surface-level feelings and those that are concealed deep within.

How to Make Flower Essences

This flower preparation is simple, and a little goes a long way in the production and therapeutic application process. To start, we like to sit with the fresh flower before plucking the blossoms. Expressing gratitude, enjoying its scent, and being in a tranquil space allows its wisdom to be passed on - through the spring air and the essence you create. Your intentions will be sealed in with the flower essence.

*It’s essential to positively identify a plant and ensure it is in an abundant non-endangered community before harvesting the flowers.*


Creating a Flower Essence

  • Place 4-5 blossoms in a glass bowl with approximately 1 cup of spring water.
  • Place the bowl in full sun and let the flowers infuse the water for at least 3 hours - all day is best.
  • Once complete, remove the flowers, add the infusion to a clean jar, and add equal parts alcohol (usually brandy) to create a 1:1 extract. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, you can use white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or glycerine. You’ve now created your “mother essence.”
  • To create “daughter essences,” which are the essences frequently used in flower essence therapy, add 5 drops of the mother essence to a 1 oz. tincture bottle and fill the rest with 1 part spring water and 1 part alcohol or a non-alcoholic substitute.

Due to the effective nature of flower essences, crafting daughter essences creates a sustainable practice, as you only use a small amount of the mother essence.

Using Flower Essences

Inviting flower essences into your body is an simple, yet intentional process. It’s best to find yourself a space that feels safe and comfortable with minimal to no external stimulation. This will allow the body and mind to focus on the energetic support the flower essence provides.

To take the flower essence, place 1 to 2 drops of the clear liquid under your tongue, close your eyes, and try to objectively observe what arises.You can repeat this process up to 4x daily; however, this dosage can be increased if you’re needing extra nourishment.

Flower Essence Support

Each flower has its own energetic imprint, so you will want to learn which flower may be right for your present energy. Below are some of our favorite flower essences and the influence they may have on the body, mind, and spirit.

Wild Rose (Rosa spp.): Often used in states of apathy to invoke a reinvigoration for life and overcome adversity.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium): A valuable tool for creating healthy boundaries and practicing the ability to say “no.” This flower essence is excellent for those who want to access more self-compassion when setting certain boundaries for their well-being.

Pine (Pinus): For those who have difficulty moving on or harbor guilt from past mistakes. Pine supports forgiveness and the release of self-judgment while encouraging self-love.

Borage (Borago officinalis): A flower essence for courage and positivity when faced with a challenge or managing grief. Great for boosting self-confidence.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis): Inspires vitality and uplifts the heart and spirit when sensations of burnout (depleted, overrun, tired, and stressed) are present. It can clear the mind of worry that stems from caring about what others think.

Multiple essences are sometimes combined to encourage a multi-layered therapeutic effect.

In Closing,

Working with flower essences can be a dynamic and influential experience. As we enter the heart of spring, taking moments to explore sensuality intentionally and become aware of internal and external stimuli may support you through your flower essence journey.

If you’re interested in exploring flower essences, we offer various drop dose and mist products by indigenous-owned Two Spirit Medicinals. As always, you’re welcome to reach out if you feel called to ask any questions!

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