Manifesting Your Reality: The Power of Visioning Exercises

Manifesting Your Reality: The Power of Visioning Exercises

A Step-by-Step Visioning Exercise

Visioning exercises are some of the best ways to encourage intention around your manifestations. Let’s go over a simple visioning exercise that incorporates the above techniques and can be included in your daily routine.

Visioning exercises are some of the best ways to encourage intention around your manifestations. Let’s go over a simple visioning exercise that incorporates the above techniques and can be included in your daily routine.

Step 1: Set the stage

Setting the stage may look like journaling, meditating, or even daydreaming! The most effective way to achieve your manifestation is to be specific when setting the stage. You can write down all your visions or focus on one at a time. We find that intentionally honing in on a specific core vision produces the best results. 

For example: I am excelling as a folk herbalist and constantly improving my skills. I am surrounded by supportive and inspiring herbalist friends who push me to be my best self every day. 

Notice the present tense and the vision’s specificity. When you’re clear and concise, there is no question about what you’ll receive from the universe.

Step 2: Envision your vision

While you write, meditate, or daydream on the above vision, imagine what it looks and feels like. Mentally pull up images of you working with herbs in a supportive space. Try to be as specific as possible.

Where are you? Are you at home, in the garden, or wildcrafting in your area? What do you feel? Who is with you? How do you imagine the plants feel in your hands? How are you expressing gratitude? 

Curating your vision lifts you to the energetic level of your manifestation. Once you get all the details down, you can pull up this vision at any time of the day, continuously expressing the energy of your reality.

Step 3: Engage daily

Repetition is key to reap the benefits of visioning exercises. If you truly desire something, showing that you’re committed to your vision is important. Engaging with your vision daily will keep you motivated and highly-inspired, reminding you of your true goals. 
If you choose to journal, write down your core vision word-for-word at least (10) times. You can add more specific details if you’d like, but it’s important to highlight your core vision so you can fuel specific energy. For a meditation, use your core vision as a mantra. Breathe in – core vision mantra – breathe out. If other details come up, acknowledge them, express gratitude, and let them go. This will keep your focus and intention on your core vision and stoke the elevated energy necessary for manifestation.

Techniques that Support Visioning

Besides the visioning exercises above, we love using supportive techniques that help raise our vibrations. Some of these techniques include creating a vision board, microdosing, and engaging in a hapé ceremony. 

A vision board is the visual representation of your core vision and all the details that go into it. Vision boards can be digital or physical, and if you’re a big fan of collaging this would be perfect for you! We like to keep the core vision (in word or picture form) right in the center with the supporting images surrounding it. When you’ve completed your board, be sure to hang it where you’ll see it multiple times throughout the day. This will remind you to express your core vision and invite in that elevating manifestation energy.

Psilocybin mushrooms are a beautiful tool for recognizing true self and can genuinely bring out the desires of your soul. While large doses tend to encourage a deeper, more psychedelic journey into self, small doses, or microdoses, gently bring in subtle energies around our true desires and sole purpose. Microdosing delicately smooths out the sharp edges that sometimes come with mentally spending time in the past and future, and guides us into the present moment. 

When engaging in visioning exercises with microdoses, offering gratitude is an essential part of our practice. 

Since this plant is giving us raw insight into our soul, its important to be gracious so you’re giving as well as receiving. This recognizes the mushroom as more than just a physical entity, cultivating a deeper, more profound relationship, and supporting the continuation of balance.       

Our final technique for supporting vision exercises is called a hapé ceremony, which we had the honor of participating in at our first Make & Mary in-person retreat. This ceremony is sacred to Amazonian tribes as hapé is considered a powerful shamanic medicine. The hapé blend itself consists of botanicals, roots, herbs and tree ash mixed with highly potent tobacco, Nicotina rusticana (not commercial tobacco). During the ceremony, participants and a facilitator work with the hapé spirit (each blend has a different spirit) and intentions are set. Afterwards the blend is administered (through the nostril with a Tepi pipe). Working with the hapé spirit may support your vision by: 

  • Balancing and realigning your energy
  • Clearing out physical, mental, or spiritual energetic barriers 
  • Helping you feel grounded
  • Promoting compassion for yourself and others
  • Invoking the magic of calm 
  • Connecting you with your true self  

Due to its cultural origins, it’s highly important to honor the ceremony’s traditions and only engage in this ritual with the guidance of an experienced facilitator.

In Closing

You have the power to manifest anything you desire. Visioning exercises and rituals are inspirational and supportive tools for practicing manifestation and may help you discover the core visions of your reality. Since visioning exercises can be intense, it’s always beneficial to start slow, be gentle, and show yourself love along the way.

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