Treat Your Skin With a Matcha Face Mask

Treat Your Skin With a Matcha Face Mask

When the budding tendrils of spring begin to transition into the long, luscious days of summer, our physical and emotional health usually need a catch-up. As beautiful as seasonal transitions are, they bring many adjustments – one of the most overlooked aspects is our skin.

As the sun’s rays intensify, the air’s moisture level changes rapidly, making our skin vulnerable to the elements. This demands a switch-up in our skincare routine – and a great way to support this process is with a detoxifying, soothing Green Tea Matcha Face Mask. This herb-packed yet gentle face mask is a great time to pause, set your intentions for the season, and give your body's biggest organ (your skin) some much-needed TLC.

This matcha face mask (five ways) can gently purify, nutrify, and revitalize your skin to achieve that dewy, summer morning glow. 

Three of our favorite ingredients for protecting summer skin:


Matcha– we love it in our morning cup just as much as we do on our face! This vibrant green concoction originates from Japan and carries a sweet, grassy smell that points to its antioxidant properties. It contains Vitamin C, amino acids, and polyphenols that work together to create an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps calm and soothe your skin against the summer sun. The caffeine content in matcha can help firm and tighten the skin, acting as a gentle exfoliant while reducing oil production, giving your skin a rejuvenating glow. 


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a revered elder in the plant kingdom and a beloved favorite among folk medicine enthusiasts. Its feathery foliage was originally crushed and used for wound healing, burns, and to staunch bleeding in 16th century Europe and among Native American tribes, and today yarrow is being revived as a powerful healing herb. Its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties work wonders for inflammatory issues, such as acne, redness, or signs of aging that can rear its head in the summertime when sunburns are more prominent. 

Rosehip Oil 

Rose (Rosa spp.), also known as the “queen of the flowers,” is as beautiful as it is healing. Rosehip, the bulbous fruit that forms after the rose flower dies, is a powerhouse of skin-healing benefits. It contains antioxidant effects, Vitamin C, and healthy fatty acids, all of which are currently under research for their potential to promote skin health. The cooling effect of rose is also a great choice during the warmer months, and the smell is divine – invoking a calming, royally-pampered feeling. 

Matcha Green Tea Face Mask 

Our Herbal Remedy Matcha Cleansing Face Mask contains both matcha and yarrow to create a gently exfoliating, revitalizing mask. 

Our Favorite Way to Use It

Blend our M&M matcha face mask with our M&M Serum. This best-selling botanical and cannabinoid-rich serum is crafted with nourishing oils: rosehips, jojoba, and hempseed oil. It delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin C, Omega 3, and Omega 6 to support cell regeneration at the deepest level. 

Blending instructions: 

Mix one teaspoon of the M&M matcha face mask powder + a few drops of the M&M serum to form a paste. Gently exfoliate onto the skin, then rinse. 

Or Try a Different Base! 

You’ll need: 

Our Herbal Remedy Matcha Cleansing Face Mask paired with either water, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, or hydrosol, depending on your skin type.

Water: Great for all skin types, water can help your skin feel hydrated and plump.

Yogurt: Plain, full-fat yogurt is a great ally for dry or sensitive skin, helping to exfoliate dead skin cells (from its lactic acid content).

Apple cider vinegar (ACV): A popular home remedy, ACV has an astringent quality that can be harsh on dry or sensitive skin but helpful for oily and acne-prone skin. Make sure to dilute 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water.

Hydrosol: This calming and hydrating mist is helpful for sensitive skin. 

Here’s how to combine them into a super-nourishing mask: 

Mix one teaspoon of your matcha face mask powder with yogurt, water, apple cider vinegar, or hydrosol (depending on your skin type) to form a thin paste. Gently exfoliate, then rinse. 

We recommend ending your facial mask cleansing ritual with our nourishing Face & Body Serum to lock in moisture. 

Lovin’ on Your Skin in the Warmer Months 

We often forget to love our body’s biggest organ that protects us from the outside in: our skin. Nourish your body’s greatest protector with natural ingredients and botanicals, and learn how to open to receive and love yourself even more this season. Make it a ritual, and let us know which recipe you loved most! Shop our Herbal Remedy Matcha Cleansing Face Mask and hydrating Face & Body Serum to complete your seasonal transition ritual. 

If you’re awe-inspired by your homemade face mask, be sure to share and tag us on Instagram @themakeandmary or use the hashtag #highlyinspired. We love seeing what creative herbal concoctions you’re brewin’ in your kitchen! 

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