White Baño Bathing—A Spiritual Bath to Cleanse Your Energies

White Baño Bathing—A Spiritual Bath to Cleanse Your Energies

Baños (herbal baths) have been used for centuries to cleanse the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Working with the energies of the Blanco or White Bath is often prescribed by curanderas (traditional folk healers) for cleansing away negative energies, dealing with trauma (within the body and the soul) and for anxious feelings or emotions.

White Blanco Baños can aid with rites of passage, healing and protection, balancing energies, and connecting to the Divine.

Using herbs, clays, salts, and sometimes milk and honey are key components for taking a cleansing spiritual bath. But you also need to set your intentions, use prayer and submerge yourself in the water for several days or nights in a row. I recommend taking your White Baño over multiple days—3, 5, 9, etc. according to your own intuition, and especially beginning with the full moon if you can. With these intentions, you can work with calling in your guides, ancestors, or spirit animals. Beyond the intention, committing to the healing is also part of the process.

How to Prepare for a Spiritual Bath

The Setting: Creating a beautiful setting brings you into the process of being present, intentional, and aids in your own healing commitments. You can gather many offerings to create a beautiful setting—fresh flowers, crystals, stones, amulets, copal or frankincense (for burning or dropping into the bath), sacred deities to sit on the edge of your tub and candles like our Soulshine Ritual Candle.

The Intention: Before you begin, grab your journal and write down what you desire. What you are looking to rid or call in for your healing spiritual bath. You can also write down your intention on a bay leaf and burn that in a safe container. If you use one of our CBD bath bombs in your spiritual bath, (Soulshine or Love Note) you can write your intention on the back of the compostable paper and then bury that in the ground afterwards. This act sends your intentions and prayers to Pachamama, Mother Earth.

And speaking of prayers...Inviting your guides, ancestors, animal spirits or your higher powers into this spiritual bath is one way of connecting to the divine and bringing in a loving presence and alignment within the unconsciousness. Asking the universe or Spirit can elicit feelings of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and hope—all of which are associated with healing and

Blanco Baño with The Love Note CBD Bath Bomb, Love Note Body Scrub and Other Common Ingredients

Our CBD Bath Bombs are made with soothing salts like: Epson, Dead Sea and Himalayan Sea Salt. We combine them with nourishing Coconut Butter, clays, and flower essences that engage your senses and bring you feelings of calm. They are formulated with 100 mg of full spectrum hemp extract to help reduce inflammation, relax the muscles and provide a blissful spa like bathing experience.

This White Baño recipe uses our Love Note CBD Bath Bomb with its sensual aromas of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and ylang ylang. You can also use the Love Note Body Scrub for added cleansing and releasing energies. The Love Note Body Scrub is made with the same scent profile as the Love Note CBD Bath Bomb but contains no CBD and has rich emulsifying butters of Mango, Cocoa, and Shea. It’s a gentle scrub with exfoliating sugar and jojoba beads, and perfect for shedding and releasing.

Recipe & Ingredients you can include in your spiritual bath:

  • Love Note CBD Bath
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of powdered coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup of goats milk (optional, but adding this is typical in the White Baño)
  • Cascarilla Powder derived from crushed eggshells and prepared with holy water and prayers. Used commonly in traditional, spiritual baths to ward off negative energies
  • Blessed Water- A splash of holy water, moon water, flower water, Florida Water or water that you have prayed into (blessed)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of honey
  • Herbs (I recommend adding these to a cotton bag or making an infusion with them and then pouring them into your bath.) You can use our Empress Tea as it is made with red raspberry, chamomile, lavender, rose and hemp. Or use herbs associated with purification and protection- lavender, basil, rosemary, and rue. Herbs like calendula, yarrow and hemp can also help with inflammation
  • Flowers & fruit- Like herbs these can be hard on the drain. When possible use a flower essence or large flowers. Orange and Lemon slices can also help with purification and feelings of calm and happiness.


Practices for making the most out of your White Baño Spiritual Bath.

Whether you anoint and pour your white baño on you in the shower, or soak in a hot, but tolerable baño (for at least a half hour), repeat your intentions and prayers at each bathing ritual. Then close your eyes and visualize any negative thoughts being washed away by the cleansing waters. Invite your guides in and trust the connection to Spirit.  

After your bath, air dry as much as possible, then gently dry yourself with a white towel.

Wear white or light colored clothing to symbolize and to support you in the purity and renewing energy of your spirit.

Sit in silence, drink an herbal tea, our Empress Tea is perfect for quieting the mind and relaxing you for the evening.

Meditate on healing positive and renewing energies that surround your heart with love.

Of course we always recommend organic or wildcrafted ingredient's for your self-care needs.

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