Breathing In The New Year

Breathing In The New Year

Written by guest writer, Melissa Baller

Walking into the Make and Mary studio, I held a steady conscious breath as I felt some nerves trying to take over my emotions. This was my first group meditation experience and I was very excited, especially because this is an experience to help awaken one’s kundalini. For those who don’t know, ‘kundalini’ is sanskrit for the arising of an energy and consciousness which has been coiled at the base of the spine since birth, and is the source of the life force (pranic energy, chi, bio-energy) that everybody knows.

I’ve already experienced kundalini awakenings multiple times throughout my life, but never surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces and energies. Prior to the meditation, my anxiety stood strong. Fortunately, this was a cannabis-infused event, so I had resources to make myself more comfortable in the shared space. There was both CBD and THC infused tea available. I had my trusty Make and Mary cannabis inhaler which helps keep me relaxed and grounded. I also brought my vape, filled with a gram of Strawberry Cough, which is a great strain for tackling social anxiety (and it tastes delicious).

I walked out of the Make and Mary studio feeling like a completely different person. Clarity has a whole new definition in my mind and I am still carrying it with me to this day. Cannabis has always brought me a spiritual experience, but this is a whole new level.

I loved the set-up of the studio. A big mural stood in the back corner behind a beautiful gong. It really illuminated the ambiance as it was a vibrant royal blue with the word “chill” creatively written in the middle in black font with a white shadow. The space was perfect for the mediation session as well. There was just enough room for everyone to have a comfortable space in between each other.

I sat down in the front of the class as Yvonne introduced herself and the meditation guide, Tiffany Southworth. The meditation session started off with a breathing exercise known as Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing. Tiffany explained that this breathing technique is an effective way to realign one’s Self energetically, clear toxins, and to bring one back to the present moment. After I found a comfortable rhythm with my breathing, I started to feel my mental excitement and tension slip away. After 5 minutes, I began feeling a balance between tranquility and alertness. My breathing continually got deeper and more relaxed and I kept my rhythm of breath. I was so hyper focused on breathing that time became non-existent. I could feel my body as one whole moving part. I haven’t felt this body-aware in a long time.

After Nadi Shodhana, we were instructed to get in a comfortable position for the Venusian gong sound bath; either sitting or laying down. I decided to lay down to let my body fully relax for this. Tiffany explained that this gong resonates at the approximate musical note of A. Venus represents love, sensuality, the female principle, harmony and attraction. The Venus gong is used to therapeutically dispel feelings of loneliness, bitterness and wounds of the heart. It strengthens the feminine aspect, encouraging greater fertility in both mind and body.

The group shared several deep breaths and I closed my eyes as Tiffany began tapping the gong. It started soft and built up to louder frequencies. I could feel the vibrations of the gong pierce my energetic field. My body began to vibrate with the sounds and it felt like harmonious static. I saw a multitude of colors in my third eye throughout the sound bath. Prominently, I saw purple and blue lights, sparkles and streaks. I fell into a blissful euphoria and no longer felt embodied by my physical vessel. I felt like a plasmic pool of energy dancing to the sound of the gong. This was nothing like I have ever experienced before. I didn’t want it to end!

When Tiffany stopped playing the gong, the buzzing sensations continued to linger. As I slowly sat back up, my body felt feather light and calm. At this point in the session, it was noticeable that my kundalini became active. I felt very in-tune with my mind, body and soul. I became so sensitive, that I could sense my torsion field funneling through my center and out around my body.

Next up was a guided meditation. Tiffany incorporated positive affirmations to help raise our creativity levels, self worth, and reminded us that by raising our own vibrations helps to raise the vibration of the world as a whole. I decided to use a mudra during the meditation. I used the ravi mudra, which promotes health and intuition. At one point during the meditation, Tiffany had us do a body scan, utilizing our consciousness to focus on one part of the body at a time. Listening to Tiffany’s words, I noticed I could feel my electric body (nervous system) under my liquid body (blood, cardiovascular system). Being so aware felt like magic!

Following meditation, there were refreshments for everyone to enjoy as the studio was reassembled into an art workshop. I enjoyed some delicious fruit and chocolate chip cookies. I noticed the flavors of the food were enhanced and realized it must be from the combination of smoking cannabis and the intense meditation session.

Everyone started to get settled in to start creating empowering vision boards. My anxiety was watered down to shyness as I sat next to a group a girls who seemed to have came in together. I was able to feel comfortable enough to join in on conversations here and there when I normally wouldn’t have even felt compelled to say much at all. My comfort level felt so good, almost like I was at a good friend’s house. I couldn’t believe how just in an hour, my entire state of mentality flipped 180 degrees. It gave me hope that feeling socially anxious and out of place wouldn’t be for the rest of my life (thank GOD). My newfound empowered energy reflected in my vision board, and I have a special place for it in my room where I will always see it to remember how I felt that day.

author's note

I can’t thank Yvonne and Tiffany enough for delivering such an unforgettable experience. I walked out of the Make and Mary studio feeling like a completely different person. Clarity has a whole new definition in my mind and I am still carrying it with me to this day. Cannabis has always brought me a spiritual experience, but this is a whole new level.

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