Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a Tea & Tarot Pop-Up

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a Tea & Tarot Pop-Up

Embrace the Year of the Dragon with an enlightening tarot reading by Patty Montoya, a renowned Psychic Medium and Energy Healer.

Saturday, February 10th
from 11-5:30pm
Cost: $40

Dive into a world of intuition and mystique on this auspicious day.

Savor our special Empress Tea and relax on our cozy couch while you receive guidance from the cards for the year ahead. A perfect blend of clarity, tranquility, and Lunar New Year celebration.

Bring a friend and enjoy the festive spirit!

Limited spaces are available for this unique experience.

About Patty:

Patty Montoya, a proud Latina from Colombia and founder of Titipoza, is a seasoned Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Coach. Drawing from personal experiences of loss, trauma, and transition, Patty has dedicated herself to helping others navigate their grief and trauma. Combining energy healing, spirit communication, the Belief Code®, and tarot readings, she empowers her clients to transform their pain into inner peace and confidence. Her approach is deeply rooted in the belief that our life's journey involves learning, healing, and teaching.

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