Medicine Man Pouches For The Mystical Being

Medicine Man Pouches For The Mystical Being

We were first introduced to Bobby Aalbers through his work that his daughter Shaney Aalbers shared. Bobby creates everything from moccasins to motorcycle bags all crafted with attention and detail. He doesn't create his work to sell, just to ease his maker soul.

Bobby is cancer survivor. He was confronted with prostate cancer and diagnosis in the summer of 2013. He was told he needed to treat his cancer through conventual ways, or else the cancer would metastasize to his bones. Instead, he took his healing into his own hands using plants and other holistic approaches. He eventually started growing cannabis to create his own RSO oil— a true medicine man.

Bobby's past is a colorful one. Once a professional bull rider and rough stock cowboy, a timber faller and logger, a carpenter, a fitness center owner/operator and forever a motorcycle enthusiast.

It was really special to have the father and daughter duo in for this workshop. Shaney lead the class with a mindful journey of intention and grounding mediation. Everyone created their own medicine bag from amulets, beads, fresh herbs and hand crafted antler buttons (made by Bobby).

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