Adaptogenic Mushroom Cacao

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7 medicinal mushrooms + cacao

Key Ingredients: Lions Mane, Gotu Kola Leaf, Ginkgo leaf

A perfect addition to coffee, tea, smoothies and healthy eats!

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Adaptogenic Mushroom Cacao

This adaptogenic mushroom cacao is perfect in your tea, smoothie or plant-based food.

Lions Mane*, Mucuna Bean, Lucuma*, Gotu Kola Leaf*, Ginkgo Leaf^, Brahmi Leaf*, Holy Basil Leaf* (5:1 extract powders)

*Organic / ^Wildcrafted

*Lions Mane, extract powder organically grown in Washington State

*Ginkgo, and Gotu Kola are organically grown in India by a farm that we work with directly. They are lovingly grown in a small scale farm, where they incorporate traditional farming practices. Then they are made into extract powders to optimize their potency as a powder.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat or prevent any disease.