Welcome to Sensual Taurus Season.

Welcome to Sensual Taurus Season.

A Time For Self-worth, Earthly Comforts, Indulgence in Pleasure and More.

The sun moves into Taurus on April 20th and stays until May 20th. Our moon portals for this season are a full moon in Libra on April 26th and a new moon in Taurus on May 11th.

Taurus, represented by the bull, is fixed earth, stable, grounded and strong in its roots. The planetary ruler for this sign is Venus--the archetype of values, money, pleasure and love. This slow and sensual combination brings a deep connection to the physical realm and body for Taurus. Self-worth, long term commitments, indulgence in pleasures of the senses, earthly comforts, and stability are major themes for the season.

The parts of the physical body ruled by Taurus are the neck, throat, thyroid, vocal cords and voice. With this we are called to use our voices, speak our truths, and sing and laugh with joy.

Taurean Herbs

Sage (Salvia officinalis), Rose (Rosa spp.), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Plantain (Plantago major), Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), Nettles (Urtica dioica)

Tarot Correspondences

As an earth sign, Taurus is connected to the suit of Pentacles--the suit of the material world. Specifically with connection to our bodies, how we feel in them, how we nurture ourselves, as well as our physical possessions and earthly surroundings.

The Major arcana card associated with Taurus is the Hierophant. He represents embodied knowledge--that deep internal knowing--and is also the card for this year. (2021 is 2+0+2+1=5.)

Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, is represented by the Major Arcana card, The Empress. She is receptive, abundant, nourishing and “pregnant” with creativity.

Bringing these all together, we are invited to look at themes around trusting ourselves, physical self care, self nurturing, creativity and using embodied sensual pleasure to lean into joy.

Make Your Ritual

Our ritual this month asks you to call on your imagination, creativity and self knowledge. We propose that this month, perhaps for the Taurus new moon on May 11th, you plan a date for yourself catering to some physical self care. Your body is yours and yours alone, so only you know what you truly need! We invite you to feel into your senses and allow your body and intuition to guide you.

Some ideas that honor the spirit of Taurus are: a luxurious bath with your favorite bath bomb, candles, sweet melodies playing, and a lovely cup of tea or wine. Or create a bountiful feast with all of your most loved body nourishing foods, eaten with a loved one or enjoyed as a picnic amongst all the spring blooms. Painting, singing, dancing or enjoying a socially distanced live music event all play towards Taurus love of the arts and beauty. Smoking an herbal blend or 4/20 holiday joint also brings medicine to the throat center that Taurus rules.

If you are still unsure about what your body needs, journaling or movement mediation can help bring those answers to the surface. Ask yourself questions like: How do I value myself? What earthly delights do I really love? Where do I feel out of balance or a need for grounding? How can I connect more deeply with my body and where can I pour extra love into it?

We hope this Taurus season opens you up to more love and value within yourself. Filling up your cup so that can more easily pour into others around you.

Please share with us your personal ritual date night! We can’t wait to see your creativity and self care in action.

Our Ritual Series is created in collaboration with Brie James.

Brie is a Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland Oregon. When she’s not seeing clients she enjoys being in nature with her family or tending to her plants at home.

Visit Brie at Ritual Haus Wellness or on Instagram

“Have patience with all things. But, first of all with yourself.”FRANCIS DE SALES

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